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July 2011: Just about to appear on Nihal's show on the BBC Asian Network radio station.

May 2011: At the Waterstone's book-signing in Bradford.

April 2011: Here's my friend Cindy, the owner of the Red Lion in Betchworth, reading when she's supposed to be working.


April 2011: Trying not to look exhausted, having trekked halfway up Box Hill.

April 2011: The book launch party in Hammersmith, West London. This is Zoe King, whose little finger knows more about the literary world than I ever could. We stopped the traffic in Fulham Palace Road while we were posing for this. (Okay, okay, to be strictly correct, the traffic was at a standstill because of bank holiday queues on Hammersmith Broadway.)

It was lovely to see so many friends at the party, not least the highly-regarded editor Joan Deitch.

And the multi-talented Maria Raymond likes Poppadom Preach so much she posed with not one but four copies!

 April 2011: A Simon & Schuster promotional pic:

April 2011: This is me trying to look glamorous in Ewell Court Park.

Some random flowers

And finally, those nice people at Changes Hair Salon in Cheam Village have kindly offered to display a poster...

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